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Vintage Abstract Painting by John Popovic

Vintage Abstract Painting by John Popovic

Here is a stunning and powerful painting by Montreal artist, John Popovic. The work features deep dark blacks, contrasted with splashes of red, orange and yellow.

"John Popovic, born in 1938, came to Montreal in 1960 after studying fine art in England, France, Germany and Italy. He was painting the usual subject matter, including portraits, until one sitter complained about having to pose too long. So in 1968, he shocked the Montreal art crowd with his takes on nature and the universe, which were described as fiery, explosive and majestic. He called this style Celestial Art. His works have been collected by the likes of Pierre Trudeau and the Rockefellers of New York."

  • Painting is in good condition, with some wear to the wood frame.

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$1,299.00Sale Price

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